Mohawk Sound Damping MK-FULL Damping 800x460mm(1pieces)


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Mohawk Sound Damping

Model No : MK-FULL-KIT

Quantity : 1PCS

Size Per Sheet : 800x 460mm

Enhance Sound Stability
Road Noise Reduction
Non-toxic,Non Smell
Isolate Vibration
Heat Insulation

The four doors double, back trunk, chassis, four-wheels and wings board, engine cover

Four doors: it forms a case body in the door board and helps the working efficiency of the horn and reduces the shock of the car door and the wind’s noise.

Back trunk: it reduces the noise of the road and the steel; reduce the shocking of the air.
Chassis: Foster the chassis and deduce the noise
Four- wheels and wings board: it is the most efficient way to reduce the noise from the wheel
Engine cover: it will separate parts of the noise from the engine and cut off the heat. Also it will prevent the aging of the engine cover and extend the working time

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions10 × 30 × 40 cm


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